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Updated statistics on the effects of coronavirus


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Corona Virus Tracker is an app that keeps you up-to-date with the current situation of the Coronavirus all over the world. Through a simple interface, it's easy to check how the virus is spreading around the world and the number of people who've died from this pandemic.

Corona Virus Tracker includes the number of people infected, those who died and those who have recovered from the disease right in the main screen. At the bottom, you can access a map that highlights the countries that are most affected by the virus.

Another interesting feature of Corona Virus Tracker is that it includes information about the prevention and symptoms of the virus. With Corona Virus Tracker, it's easy for you to keep up-to-date with any news or impactful situation. Plus, there are several graphs that show the exponential propagation curves in each territory.

Corona Virus Tracker keeps you informed of the Covid 19 around the world to prevent the disease from spreading, as much as possible. As with other social aspects, technology can also be an ally in this fight.
By Carlos Martínez